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Weed The Ultimate Gardener’s Guide to Organic Weed Control




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About WEED:

Like it or not, weeds are part of every gardener’s life. The temptation to blitz them with toxic herbicides can be powerful but this quick fix approach won’t get rid of the blighters! To wage war on these unwanted plants in your garden, you need to exploit their weaknesses. Weed will show you exactly do this without resorting to harmful sprays.

Managing weeds effectively and without chemicals is all about developing effective long term strategies. Leading organic gardening specialist Tim Marshall explains how to tackle problems systematically, species by species. He outlines the differences between good weeds and bad weeds, give tips on weed identification and provides remedies and methods of control.

With its comprehensive information and exquisite line drawings, this book is an outstanding addition to any gardener’s library.



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